Note this post has comments disabled. This is a first for me but if someone wants to ask me anything else, there are multiple personal ways to contact me. Recently I posted a message to the chef-users mailing list. It was a hard post for me to write because I was attempting to be as tactful as possible about the issue. While I think it was the right move and some good came out of it, I now feel like I have to defend myself for some reason.

Feedback on Paas Realism

I’ve gotten quite a bit of constructive feedback on the PaaS realism post and I wanted to aggregate it here. OpenShift I was humbled to see a very awesome post from Luke Meyer who works on the OpenShift team. I think if you are going to deploy OpenShift, his post is very important to read. I wanted to respond to a few points specifically he made (and again say thank you for taking the time to respond/educate me)

Paas for Realists

I realize I was pretty down on PaaS the past couple of days. Lest I send the wrong message, I figure a clarification is in order Before we start, we should define some things. It’s always important to be on the same page: PaaS: Platform as a Service (no distinction between public or private). When talking about public, it’s usually Heroku. Private PaaS: A PaaS run “in-house”. I’m using “in-house” loosely here.

No Konami for Operations

up up down down left right left right b a select start I went on a bit of a rip today about all sorts of technology. I figured I should at least clarify some of it in long form. Vmotion/live migration technologies Vmotion is a scam. I have frequently said that only trivial workloads are safe for vmotion. Here’s the reasoning: live migration realistically requires the workload on the vm being migrated to be quiesced.

Omnibus Redux

I’ve been a pretty big proponent of omnibus. I still think it’s the right way to go but recent changes have removed the primary reason for recommending it I did a lot of evangelism for omnibus last year. Presentations, blogposts, a sysadvent article. It is/was a great tool however it no longer fits the primary usecase. Original workflow Originally the biggest benefit to omnibus (outside of the core of what it did) was the Vagrantfile it generated.

Stop Fighting Distros Part 2

I’m a pretty harsh person. My wife and I have this discussion all the time about how things I say get interpreted. As the communicator, this responsibility lies squarely on my shoulders. So before I start, I don’t “hate” distributions or the packaging format they use or the people doing the work. To this even of you who toil to track countless security reports or maintain some software package in an upstream repository because of your love for that software, here’s to you.

A Historical Compendium of Useless Shit

Yes it started on Twitter and ended up here. Circle of life and all that Fair warning: I’m not doing ANY research for this post. Normally I do but I’m doing this off-the-cuff so to speak. If I fuck up some specific thing, please feel free to correct. This is basically a personal perspective/history And it’s probably full of typos so there’s that So a discussion on twitter started because I brought up Mesos, Docker and OSv.

Go for System Administrators

{% blockquote %} If I never directly touch a Go concurrency primitive, I’m convinced I’m going to write all my cli apps with it just for ease of deployment. {% endblockquote %} This is something I said the other day. I figured it deserved a more detailed blog post. NKOTB Most people who know me professionally know two things about me: I’m fairly pragmatic and somewhat conservative about technology decisions I’m a language tourist This second one is something Bryan Berry attributed to me in an early FoodFight episode.

Devops the Title Match

I’ve noticed an annoying trend recently. I was content to ignore it for a while but now it’s getting almost stupid. That trend is the job title of “DevOps”. I came across an article tonight that confused the hell out of me. It was an interview. The outlet wasn’t a technical one per se but it was a technical interview none the less. This part is what confused me (highlights mine):

Smart Clients

Currently RICON|EAST is going on in NYC. Tom Santero and the whole Basho crew is doing an awesome job if the content available via the live stream and twitters is to be believed.

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