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Future of Noah

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This is probably the most difficult blog post I’ve had to write. What’s worse is I’ve been sitting on it for months.

How We Vagrant

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People may or may not have noticed but I’ve been largely offline for the past 4 weeks or so. This is because I’ve been in the middle of a pretty heavy redesign of a few key parts of our application stack. This also required me to learn Java so I’ve been doubly slammed.

As part of that redesign, I worked on what we lovingly refer to internally as the “solo installer”. I gave a bit of background on this in a post to the Chef mailing list at one point but I’ll go over it again as part of this post.

What Production Means

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This post is something that’s been brewing for a while. While it may sound targeted in tone, it’s more general than that. Let’s just call it an open letter to family, friends and coworkers around the world.

Why EBS Was a Bad Idea

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Since I just tweeted about this and I know people would want an explaination, I figured I’d short circuit 140 character hell and explain why I think EBS was the worst thing Amazon ever did to AWS.

Graphs in Operations

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So anyone who knows me knows I spend an inordinate amount of time bitching about Maven. I don’t know if it’s the type of companies I end up working for or what but I always seem to find myself ass-deep in Maven.

ZeroMQ and Logstash - Part 2

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A few days ago I wrote up some notes on how we’re making Logstash better by adding ZeroMQ as an option for inputs and outputs. That night we decided to take it a bit further and add support for ZeroMQ as a filter plugin as well.