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I’ve been a pretty big proponent of omnibus. I still think it’s the right way to go but recent changes have removed the primary reason for recommending it

Stop Fighting Distros - Part 2

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I’m a pretty harsh person. My wife and I have this discussion all the time about how things I say get interpreted. As the communicator, this responsibility lies squarely on my shoulders.

So before I start, I don’t “hate” distributions or the packaging format they use or the people doing the work. To this even of you who toil to track countless security reports or maintain some software package in an upstream repository because of your love for that software, here’s to you.

DevOps - the Title Match

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I’ve noticed an annoying trend recently. I was content to ignore it for a while but now it’s getting almost stupid. That trend is the job title of “DevOps”.

Future of Noah

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This is probably the most difficult blog post I’ve had to write. What’s worse is I’ve been sitting on it for months.

How We Vagrant

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People may or may not have noticed but I’ve been largely offline for the past 4 weeks or so. This is because I’ve been in the middle of a pretty heavy redesign of a few key parts of our application stack. This also required me to learn Java so I’ve been doubly slammed.

As part of that redesign, I worked on what we lovingly refer to internally as the “solo installer”. I gave a bit of background on this in a post to the Chef mailing list at one point but I’ll go over it again as part of this post.

What Production Means

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This post is something that’s been brewing for a while. While it may sound targeted in tone, it’s more general than that. Let’s just call it an open letter to family, friends and coworkers around the world.

Why EBS Was a Bad Idea

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Since I just tweeted about this and I know people would want an explaination, I figured I’d short circuit 140 character hell and explain why I think EBS was the worst thing Amazon ever did to AWS.